Unique simulation

The Emerald Forest Hotel is an unique simulation offering the opportunity to work on (business) management skills in a modern, attractive and totally web-based way. The simulation is much more than just a game. The hotel simulation has been used by more than 3.000 participants from over 25 countries. The management skills trained in the simulation focus on: creativity, commercial calculating, managerial capacities and promotional skills.

The total of the content of this simulation is in English, but additional tasks in other languages are possible.

Zo special?

The game is so special as we have a storyline that is very realistic, has been running for ten years, and holds all the information needed .

Social media play an active role and all algorithms running the competition are online in Google spreads and files in Google docs, together with our own platform they are the backbone of the simulation. The game is heavily supported by hundreds of pictures on Flickr, our video channel on youtube more. We have real coaches, and when needed, actors impersonating the management. This is not just a game, it’s real virtuality! It’s fun, it’s intensive just check the promo. .


The Emerald Forest Hotel is an international management game and is also set in an attractive competition based on profit and on creativity for the management teams taking over the hotel. The simulation is being used by universities and companies in Estonia, UK, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and the Netherlands. As the case, a hotel, is well recognizable in any country, we are expanding to other countries like Italy and we plan to go to Asia. As proof of its quality and possibilities, this project also is part of the European Commission Life Long Learning program in a transfer of innovation project.