How to create real new products and services

From a large number of ideas, created by techniques like brainstorming, we filter first ideas that offer potential. These we explore further and further. At each stage a large number of ideas will be eliminated: with a decreasing number of ideas we are working then to one totally new product or service.
We consult experts to make an initial market research, do registration. We look at the business model, of course, and at domain names and soial media handles. We do a first step towards a strategy, a financial plan and an operational plan. With this concept we approach, based on non-disclosure, parties in the market.

So, next steps?

The further course of business depends entirely on your needs and possibilities: you can completely take over a project, with our without our support. In some cases we also make-up a partnership. Of course, we like to inform you about our concepts: most of them are confidential.

Available concepts

At this moment the following concepts are available:
• A new accessible equity product
• Printed magazines, but with a twist
• A new way to market sales of (private) kitchens in the market
• Roofvertising
• SocialCheckers
• Small games on Tv and radio • A new type of lotery • Let us surprise you ... ...

Quotes from two of our experts during the concept development.

"Never seen before, very surprising form of publishing magazines"
(Prof. dr. J.M.H.J. Hemels, Professor at University of Amsterdam, author of a series of standard works / studies on The Illustrated Magazine in the Netherlands)

"Very low entry threshold, ideal to connect new customers to a financial institution"
(Drs. H. Bodewes, controller at a large Dutch bank on our equity product)

Courses creativity

Can you learn that creativity? Yes, we are all creative, but have often tucked away deep. We can also help your company get started with creativity within your company to come up with new ideas and insights. A motivating coach helps you get started with some techniques that will result in creative thinking.