Courses and books

On special request of our customers we have in collaboration with Creative Dynamics written two courses to make you comfortable working with social Internet and media. The courses will give you the knowledge to instruct professionals and get a grip on the right vocabulary. Yes, both in the form of a traditional book (in Dutch)! Strange in this digital age? Yes, but in the dynamics of the Internet is a guide handy even more important. Both publications are regularly updated and made following the principle of printing on demand. The publisher is WedEdu and we are very grateful for the contribution of a large number of professionals from internet and social media agencies. Courses are plenty, but you can work with them? With these courses you will make a good start! Is all of this so original? Ask for more information and check it yourself. No abstract stories, but an applied courses with many Dutch examples. The books focus on service industry and are used at NHTV International College in Breda. The books will bring you new insights, but a customized version for your business or school is also possible! There is a database of test questions available on request with accompanying PowerPoints.

* Internet To Go available April 2015
An introduction in the knowledge on what is important around the Internet for commercial businesses. Highlighting the history of the internet, search and find, domain names, legislation, websites, measurement and monitoring, promotion on the Internet, SEO and SEA, price counting, privacy and legislation, e-mail and e-marketing. The level is 1st-2nd year undergraduate. Written in Dutch.

* Social Media To Go available at Bol
An introduction in the knowledge on what is important about social media for commercial enterprises. Attention to features of social, social behavior, business models, big data and content eWOM and reviews, features of social media platforms, goals around social media, SMM, KPIs and ROI, laws and regulations, the social media plan. The level is 2nd – 3thr year undergraduate. Written in Dutch.


On the online marketing platform TravelNext en Marketingfacts we regularly publish blogs with our vision on developments in the field of social media developments.