Creativity, the key to success?

Creativity is often underestimated, too often. Sir Ken Robinson, a few years back held a TED speech on education and creativity: still very recognizable. But even within companies, creativity is often insufficiently exploited or perhaps not taken seriously enough. Right now knowledge is available everywhere, so creativity plays an increasingly important role. We all are creative but have learned not to show it but to conform to the rules and the existing situation.

Courses creativity

Can you learn to be creative? Yes, we are all creative, but we have often tucked it away deep. We can help your company get started with creativity within your company; to come up with new ideas and insights. A motivating coach helps you get started with some techniques that will provoke creativity. You'll be amazed what comes loose when using the right techniques, even after just one day. If the atmosphere is open and familiar, the commitment of everyone to the business processes will also increase greatly. No threats, only opportunities!